Monday, June 20, 2011

Purse Knit from Grocery Bags

A few weeks ago I decided to join the ranks of those who've knit with plarn--plastic yarn made of grocery bags. I saw an incredible tutorial and decided to alter her pattern a bit and create something I could realistically complete and enjoy. Like her, I had enough aluminum can tabs to drown a small animal, so I made the super cool strap she showed, also. I did not, however, knit a strand of yarn along with the bags. I only used the plastic to get a more recycled look.

On the front of my bag, you'll notice a button... also made of the can tabs and twine. I still have so
many tabs left over, I'm looking for another craft so I can use them for something special (coasters for a Diet Coke lover, perhaps?).

I made a much smaller bag, only casting on 30 sts per side. I have two pockets inside each composed of different stitch textures.

I believe, between composition and seaming, I used about 40 grocery bags; however, the possibility that I lost count somewhere along the way and left out 10-20 is quite possible. For the strap, I used 144 aluminum can tabs and 2 pieces of twine, each about 60" long.

To make my version:

CO 30
*k2, p2* and knit the last 2.
Repeat this until desired length is achieved.

Make another panel. This time, when length is achieved, start slowly reducing stitches to have a flap. My flap did not turn out exactly as planned, but it was my first attempt and I was guessing. I made a loop for the button out of braided grocery bag loops, then attached it after I finished the flap.

I made 2 pockets on the inside, one for my cell phone and one for pens/pencils.

The cell phone pocket:
CO 10
K all until desired length.

The pens/pencils/whatevers pocket:
CO 10
K row
P row
Until desired length.

After I had all my pieces, I seamed the pockets on first, then the purse together, followed by the button, button loop, and strap.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Do visit the Darn Good Yarn website because she has video tutorials on how to really make all this and buy her yarn. It's GORGEOUS. :)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

The things I do for friends...

My best friend and I used to make up stories to tell one another about our lives. In one story, my friend referenced my growing knitting addiction on an extreme scale. He talked about how I would make him some potatoes and we could spend time in the house I knit...

Everyone knows knitting a house a human could efficiently live in is preposterous. The first time it rained, the house might felt and shrink in an awkward manner. The second or third time it would just mold. Very sad for a project so time consuming.

When his birthday rolled around a few months later, I HAD to do something cutesy, so I knit him a house...